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Gliding and Paragliding – Interlaken, Switzerland

Back in 2006, in Interlaken/Unterseen, Switzerland, I took a few photos of gliders and paragliders. Here they are!

I know, it isn’t a movie review, but speaking of movies, I am recommending:

The Cook, The Thief , His Wife and Her Lover.

The trailer is right after the photos!











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Django Unchained

A curious and original mix of serious social/racial issues from the past, and Afro-American styles of music are brought to life by the one and only Quentin Tarantino in Django Unchained (2012).

Director: Quentin Tarantino


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Niels Ulrich Fjordside

Years ago, when Virgin Radio (Classic Rock) still broadcasted from One Golden Square in London, I have met wonderful music lovers on its community of listeners.

Virgin Radio - famous star
Virgin Radio – famous star – picture taken at One Golden Square at Virgin Radio’s (London) 15th anniversary.

Among them a Danish actor, Niels Ulrich Fjordside. Back in 2010 I was watching one of his movies, Shotgun, and now he told me that there are a few more movies online, so I’ve searched for them.

I wonder when Google will make an interpreter available online, in order for us to be able to understand the lines from foreign movies.

See It Yourself made me quite curious!

MIX Copenhagen 2011 – See It Yourself from Torben Kjelstrup on Vimeo.

Contribution for the MIX Copenhagen 2011 Short Film Competition

Production Manager: Cille Neumann
DoP: Torben Kjelstrup
Post: Torben Kjelstrup
Original Music: Toni Martin Dobrzanski

Bo Madvig
Niels Ulrich Fjordside
Peter Vadsager
Oddvør Johannesen
William Johannesen

Helping hands: Helena Hedenstedt, Manal Amayri, Frederik Kjær, Christoffer Bengt

The Birds Fly Past (Fuglene Flyver Forbi) should be promoted by Environmental Activists.
Peter’s First Day could be part of an University class for future teachers!

Peters first day from KBH FILM & FOTOSKOLE on Vimeo.

Peter is going to teach a pre school class for the first time, and experience that nothing is as expected!

Well, there’s another film, Iskold Karriere, and below is its trailer. Enjoy!