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Chalet Girl

Richard: Do we pay extra for irony?
Kim: No, the irony is free; it’s the sarcasm you’re paying for. Ironically…

Quote from the movie Chalet Girl.

Location: St. Anton am Arlberg, Austria.

Director: Phil Traill



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— Ahoy, sexy!

Sometimes it’s good to do what you’re suppose to do when you’re supposed to do it!

… concludes Frances in Frances Ha (the movie):

Here’s another moment worth mentioned besides the trailer of the movie: it’s that thing… with words like love, party, talk, laugh, shine, life, funny, sad, secret world, public, unknown, dimensions, perceive, relationship. I hope you’ll enjoy this moment, and even better, you’ll enjoy this movie!

I can not go further without mentioning two great song from the original soundtrack.

The first song, Modern Love, belongs to David Bowie.

The second one, Every 1’s a Winner, belongs to a great band from the ’70s and the ’80s: Hot Chocolate.



You can look up on for full cast and crew and even more about Frances Ha. And finally the trailer!