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Brion Verkler

Many times I wonder if keeping my posts together within a single blog would be a better solution than five distinctive ones, each with its own distinctive theme and topic(s). This post reiterated this question. Well, some posts have multiple topics, so they easily could fit two of my blogs. So could be this one, mainly because it will be about music, but I just decided that I will post it on the movie blog.


Categories Movie and Music are already present on Three Years After, only by now I was talking about the movies’ soundtrack when it was about music. Now I am trying a different approach, and I will propose music that will be appropriate for some sci-fi action movies.

I was just listened to a track proposed by an artist in my Google Plus circles. His name is Brion Verkler, and I am following his works of art in their visual form. My last post here on Three Years After is shared between him and Tonya Kay.

The link from Google Plus of the track mentioned above lead me towards Vater Nicht on Soundcloud.

Vater Nicht was officially founded in the fall of 2006 in Chicago, IL by solo artist Brion Verkler.

Reaching Vater Nicht I pressed Play. I am inviting you to do the same, either by clicking here, or the button below:

My opinion as music listener is that

the music should be the carrier of the message, and the lyrics should be the ones to emphasize it!

After listening to Brion’s music, I’ve had the feeling that my stereo is playing the soundtrack of a sci-fi action movie, so Pattern Recognition is the perfect example to underline my above opinion.

Discover his tracks on Vater Nicht, his Anarchos project, and follow Brion Verkler, a traditionally trained/digitally enhanced artist, on Google Plus! Enjoy!

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Tonya Kay

Last time, an actor liked one of my posts here on Three Years After. I am not a native English speaker, so my posts are usually reduced to their essence. Erik Conover besides being an actor, is also a writer, so the entries on his website not only telling stories, but they are life lessons full of details and worth reading advice.

A few days ago, an artists in my Google + circles, Brion Verkler, posted a golden painting showing a burlesque performer.

Tonya Kay by Brion Verkler
Tonya Kay by Brion Verkler; (c) 2014

Used with Brion Verkler‘s permission.

Then, yesterday, it happened to read a post about the gratitude shown by an actress to Brion for asking her permission in order to use one of her photos published in a magazine as an inspiration for a painting! She is a:

pure renegade actress, danger artist, and raw vegan Chaote

as stated on her website. Her name is Tonya Kay, a name that I would like to see in the starring lists of new movies!

Tonya Kay
Goldie Hawn “Laugh In” tribute shoot! Photography Melissa Schwartz of vGirls/vGuys. Styling by Mitzi Spallas. Graphics by Stephen Newell. #pinup #bikini 19-Mar-2013 18:31, NIKON CORPORATION NIKON D4, 3.2, 70.0mm, 0.005 sec, ISO 2500

Photo used with Tonya Kay‘s permission.

It seems that a new generation of actors began to take shape, and I see here both Tonya and Erik!

Inspired by one of the original messages displayed on Tonya’s body, “Wild Thang“, I will end this post with The Troggs’ Wild Thing. Enjoy!