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The Faulty Broken Fountain

There are three movies that I was watching lately, and bring a certain sad story into discussion. Each of these three movies is unique in its own way. Usually I would not recommend a sad story, an awful story to any of my friends. At least until one of them, one of my friends, is gone; gone for good… I don’t know where, but this is another discussion, a discussion for another kind of blog. In order to fulfill the tragedy, the striking part is that two of these movies were recommended by that friend. May she rest in peace! May the Angels and Archangels take care of your innocent soul, D.!

Together we will live forever!

The very first movie from this short list is Darren Aronofsky‘s The Fountain. This one was the first I saw, and it will remain on top of my preferences, no matter the IMDB or RottenTomatoes scores. It is actually an underrated movie. Love story, will, strength and determination, kindness, history, science and fiction are its keywords.

Death is a disease!

Clint Mansell‘s music is definitely something to remember and keep on listening to!


In order to be able to watch The Fault in Our Stars, I was compelled to start watch it for three times… It looks like a young generation kind of story, but it touches anyone’s heart, regardless her or his age.


The third movie on this short list is The Broken Circle Breakdown. At first I thought that it is an American movie with some Dutch speaking characters, but I was wrong. This definitely is not some sort of a Hollywood movie, so it has some interesting elements within its structure.


You will find a star in each and every one of these three movies!

In The Fountain, The Mayans chose Xibalba, a dying star, to represent their Underworld.

You’ll find another star right in the title of The Fault in Our Stars.

In The Broken Circle Breakdown, Alabama’s husband believes that there’s no chance for a passed away body to become a star, and this triggers many questions about religion and science, about soul and body, about heaven and earth…

There’s a star in your heart, or there’s a star up above, but there’s a star somewhere!


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The Dark Valley

Freedom is not a gift that not everyone likes to receive.


The original music is composed and produced by Matthias Weber, and interpreted by Macedonian Radio Symphony Orchestra, Skopje, conducted by Oleg Kondratenko.

One of the songs that have drawn my attention are How Dare You, performed by Steaming Satellites, and Sinnerman by One Two Three Cheers And A Tiger featuring Lana Sharp.

Coming back to The Dark Valley, directed by Andreas Prochaska, and starring Sam Riley and Paula Beer… The very first line from this post is some sort of conclusion of this alpine drama.