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Ex Machina

This Artificial-Intelligence thriller, Ex Machina, was recommended to me, a while ago, by a fine friend. So I was looking for it, I watched it in cinema, and here I am recommending it to my followers and to the readers of my blog.

The trailer is the simplest way for me to get rid of a description, yet a post has to have something original within it. So I am sharing with you a thought that raised while watching about half of this great movie. It sent me (I would say back in time, although it is about an action that takes place in a distant future), all of a sudden, straight to Blade Runner. Ex Machina seems to me like some sort of a “Blade Runner 2.0“. Watch both of these movies, and you’ll see what I mean!

Speaking of recommendation, here are its scores on the main movie websites (as they are today, 21st of June, 2015):

Before mentioning the director and the crew, I would like to bring to your attention three related websites. One of them is the Ex Machina official website, another is Ava Sessions, and the third one is the BlueBook. You’ll eventually reach the Ava Sessions and the BlueBook via Ex Machina, yet I didn’t wanted you to miss them! The Ava Sessions is a fun website, and BlueBook is described in a video that you will receive by email.

Ava Sessions
Ava Sessions – this is me wearing headphones!
Ava Sessions – this is still me!

Director: Alex Garland (screenplay for Never Let Me Go)


Music: Geoff Barrow and Ben Salisbury