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The Imitation Game

At first I was not attracted by this movie due to its trailer. Three minutes or less are not enough in order to introduce you into the very core of it. So I skipped it. For quite a while. Until now, when my daughter shared her To Watch & Watched movie list. Even so, it was not the very first to watch.

Sometimes it’s the very people who no one imagines anything of who do the things that no one can imagine.

The right moment arrived, so here are a few lines connecting The Imitation Game with one of my latest post, Ex Machina, already connected with another movie.

Alan Turing is the scientist who successfully managed to decipher the German coding machine during World War II, using one of the very first computers, and electromechanical one. The Imitation Game is about his work along with his team to complete this computer, the predecessor of the “digital computer”, and also some hidden aspects of his own life.

The idea from Ex Machina is based on Turing Test, a test named by Alan Turing The Imitation Game.

The purpose of this game is explained by Alan Turing himself (actually by the actor playing Turing’s character) in one of the scenes in The Imitation Game (the movie).

Prior to mention the cast and the director of the movie, here’s the website maintained by biographer Andrew Hodges, dedicated to Alan Turing: The Enigma.

Curious about Enigma? You might be interested by the following video on the Enigma machine!




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    1. First of all, thank you for your visit on my humble blog!
      I’ve read many interesting facts and original points of view on your Imitation Game review!
      I see extensive, and sometimes 100 words reviews on your website! From now on I am a follower of your website! Thumbs up!

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