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Ce si cum

Si de ce…

Capricii [ pseudo ] literare

*Cand unii creeaza si ceilalti se recreaza…cu versuri

[De Marius A. Hortopan ]

Tarziu ma-ntreb ce si cum…
Cum de-am mers pe asta-mi drum?
Ce pare atat de lung si-i de scrum,
si nu-l strabat, de vreau, nicicum…

Tarziu ma-ntreb de am gresit…
sa sper,sa cred ca orb am nimerit,
dupa atatia ani de hoinarit,
in falsul colt de rai…si-i de trait!

Tarziu ma-ntreb unde mi-e locul…
Unde traind,jucand…simt jocul
Unde iubind,vibrand…pe placul,
al ei, al meu, al muzei mele lacul…
Sunt eu…

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Since I’ve decided to put an end to my In Awe Of Rock (a little bit of my rock feelings) blog, I thought I should, at least, keep the others (by others I mean my blogs) alive; as alive as before. Anyway I think this blog could have the very same problem with the rock one: the deletion of the videos from the source.

Tonight I was listening various tracks, and eventually I came across Moby. Actually I was listening to two of his tracks: Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad, and Extreme Ways. Extreme Ways sent me directly to Bourne (film series). Back then, when I saw the movie, the high toned music have drawn my attention. I had no idea that the composer was the very same one of Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad.

Usually I am delighted by the way music and movie intertwine. And Moby and Bourne are a particular happy match of this kind!

Instead of placing ephemeral video clips, I shall place a few pics of my own shot in Paris. They are a similar match of the ones found in an interesting article, The Bourne Identity film locations.

Quai de la Tournelle, Paris, France

Jardin des Tuileries, Paris, France

La Defense, Paris, France

Samaritaine, Paris, France

Pont des Arts