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The Judgement

“Everything passes, and things are getting better.”

Or (another translation of the same line in the movie):

“Time cures everything. Things will get better.”

The above quote is rather an ideal, something to believe in, than a conclusion of The Judgement (the movie).

Eras are changing and they bring changes along. Changes of perspective, the way you look around, the way you look towards, or from… the border. The action from The Judgement spins around an area near the Bulgarian border with Turkey and Greece.


Being raised in communism, and living more than a quarter of century since the fall of the Berlin Wall, I have a certain particular view  (along my generation) regarding the way things used to be, and the way things should have become. I am about the same age as the main character in the movie. I lived and still live in a city placed on another border: the one between Serbia and Romania, so I’ve heard stories and I know people who wanted to cross the mighty Danube, which is quite a border… Yugoslavia was another gate towards the Western world, towards the Free World! Many died trying to be free, others simply failed, yet many more succeeded!


I’m back again to the movie. I shall not provide a proper review for two reasons: I did not liked the communist era, and, most important, I have found an interesting one on My Two Stotinki blog: The Judgement. This movie, directed by Stephan Komandarev, represents a piece of history, probably most appreciated by those who did not live it. It brings sad memories to me, and I appreciate it as a piece of art.

Do not blame me for my point of view! I am only writing about movies that meant something to me. The Judgement is one of them.