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Final Frontier

A few years ago I bought Iron Maiden‘s fifteenth studio album, The Final Frontier. I used to listen to it while driving my car. One night, while browsing the web, I’ve discovered a great clip that perfectly fits my Short sci fi category! So, here it is!

I think of my life
Reliving my past
There’s nothing but wait ’til my time comes

I’ve had a good life
I’d do it again
Maybe I’ll come back
Some time afresh

For I have lived my life to the full
I have no regrets
But I wish I could talk to my family
To tell them one last goodbye

The Final Frontier…
The Final Frontier

Are you a gamer? Check out The Final Frontier game!

Push the pedal to the… METAL!



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“A te ocupa de sănătatea neamului tău când alții atentează la ea este pentru mine un act de curaj. Dați-mi voie să îmi trăiesc visul!”
~ Vali-Mioara Stoichescu ~

Se poate oare si fara FB?!
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Dar pot da share si pot transmite astfel mesajul!

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I Drove All Night


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From the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind I’ve reached Requiem for a Dream. I remember that a friend told me about Requiem for a Dream, and watched it about a year ago. From its director, Darren Aronofsky, I am definitely recommending (as a friend did a while ago for me) The Fountain.

Well, there’s also an actress that has drawn my attention while watching the movie: Jennifer Connelly. So I was looking for her on IMDB, and I reached Roy Orbison‘s song named I Drove All Night. I knew it since the ’90s. Beverly Hills 90210 fans watch it not only because I Drove All Night was quite a hit, but because Jason Priestley is starring in!

So here I am writing about music and film. About a short film, and music again. About Jennifer Connelly, Jason Priestley and Roy Orbison.

Enjoy the music! Enjoy the clip!

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Intimacy without intricacy.

For those who are working late…

Director: Marcel Langenegger



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Song For Someone

From acclaimed director Vincent Haycock, Woody Harrelson and daughter Zoe star in a 7-minute short film for U2‘s ‘Song for Someone’ from their album Songs of Innocence.

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