Being a power engineer (energy field), years ago I’ve started a hydropower generation related website. Recently I’ve redesigned it, and I’ve added professional relevant information, along with visual links towards my blogs: http://www.midus.xyz.

Photography is one of my permanent links with the web (see the PicasaWeb link below), and blogging was my next move. After testing one platform, having a Gravatar account, and reading different articles about Blogger vs. WordPress, I gave WP a try, and here I am. Sleepless Bobby and Noctambulul don’t have a particular direction to follow, unlike In Awe Of Rock, which is music oriented. Because I like good movies, and music & film are a fine blend, I have decided to post all my movie comments on Three Years After. I started it like a new experience, and it is called 3YA because I was notified that I’ve had this account since three years ago!

This blog does not provide synopses. This blog is rather about synapses. It is about the spark that triggers a certain curiosity on a certain movie, and the connections between the spark and the published post.

I hope that my blog experience will be useful to my readers/followers!

This is a directory of my pages, and pages where I am a contributor.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Mihai ! Do not know how I managed to get here . Do not know if it manages to come this feat again.
    First my english is bad , I consider myself a tapir clueless to use computer, everything is a frustrating challenge .
    Definitely tell me where and how I can communicate with you , if you are interested ? !
    Let’s get to it: Movies / Cinema
    Yesterday when out walking and rent movies , bought a poster AL PACINO ( PHOTO OF HIM IN SCARFACE ) , give birthday gift for Ingrid ( Nov. 19 turns 23 ) my youngest daughter , she is in love with him as much as I .
    Yesterday I attended – Jack Reacher / TOM CRUISE = canned American , ok !
    Today at breakfast watched PASSENGER / ANNE HATHAWAY PATRICK WILSON , really liked .
    My passions : Al PACINO , ANDY GARCIA , JEREMY IRONS men and actors , of course there are other wonderful .
    Have you ever watched DAMAGE WITH JEREMY IRONS AND Juliette Binoche ?
    My email mirandaeulina1962@gmail.com

  2. Hello, Miranda!

    Thank you for your comment! Posting comments here are the first way of communication! My website (http://mbm.net16.net) provides all the information needed in order to be contacted (the phone number is for employers). I prefer email and G+ comments. I am not using any form of messenger (including hangouts).

    Happy Birthday to Ingrid! I never saw Scarface…

    I just watched the trailers of Jack Reacher, and The Passengers, and definitely I’ll look for them!

    Speaking of Damage, I compared the scores both on IMDB.com and RottenTomatoes.com, and this is another example that scores on RottenTomatoes.com are closer than the scores I’d give to the movies I’ve watched. On the other hand, IMDB.com is better maintained as a movie data base…

  3. Hi, Mihai

    Watched the movie The Guard. Liked it!
    I was enchanted by the beautiful and stylish underwear Sergeant Boyle!
    Dual perfect, incorruptible and loyal to their own values ​​(something rare), the only commonality between them, enough.
    What most caught my attention was the soundtrack, surprisingly relived the old chords of old Westerns American memorable staged by vigilante justice.


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