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ZOOM – Fernando Pessoa

Let us sculpt in hopeless silence all our dreams of speaking.

Fernando Pessoa – The Book of Disquiet

I used to read one of Pessoa‘s book. I read it, then I read it again. Then I’ve stopped. Now, watching ZOOM, I’ve noticed the above quote. His book I used to read it is still near my bed… Now only memories are linked to it… Memories brought back to life by movies like ZOOM.

Fernando Pessoa – em flagrante delitro

This is nonsense. What I mean, and what I have here is just a book (but not any book) and just another movie (a pretty decent one), both related by a quote.

Read the book!

(c) Penguin Books

Enjoy the movie!

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The Road (2009)

There is hope!
And there are good people too!

My posts tend to be brief (I tend to be brief), but here’s what the writer Nicholas Conley writes about The Road on his blog, Nicholas Conley’s Writings, Readings and Coffee Addictions:

The rather gut-wrenching action of traversing The Road‘s pages is a perfect mirror to the depressingly futile journey that the protagonists, a boy and his father, must go on: a hopeless trek through an expired Earth, in search of a mythical coastline that may or may not be worth the trip.

From Cormac McCarthy, author of “No Country for Old Men“.


Viggo Mortensen
Robert Duvall
Guy Pearce
Charlize Theron


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As Far as My Feet Will Carry Me

As Far as My Feet Will Carry Me is the English title for So weit die Füße tragen, a movie about the destiny and determination of a German lieutenant imprisoned in Siberia. This reminds me of The Way Back, a film with a similar action, but quite a different approach.

As Far as My Feet Will Carry Me is based on the homonym novel written by Josef M. Bauer.

DirectorHardy Martins



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Samuel Dashiell Hammett

Years ago I read Samuel Dashiell Hammett‘s The Maltese Falcon, only after I saw the homonym movie starring Humphrey Bogart and Mary Astor.

The other day I have finish to read The Thin Man, also written by Hammett, and now I am curious to watch the movie directed by W.S. Van Dyke. There are few lines in the book that caught my attention, and this one from the very end is like some sort of an essence for The Thin Man:

Murder doesn’t round out anybody’s life except the murdered’s and sometimes the murderer’s.

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All Is Lost

I tried. I think that you will all agree that I tried: to be true, to be strong, to be kind, to love, to be right. But I wasn’t. And I know you knew this, in each of your ways.

With such a starting statement of All Is Lost, one might expect a clarification, a story… But there’s only a struggle to survive in the middle of the ocean, in the middle of nowhere. The survival of an old man (not quite The Old Man and The Sea) sailing alone in the Indian Ocean, after the impact of his yacht with a container floating adrift. Probably because I was not in the right mood for this kind of movie at the time I was watching it, it appear to be a little monotonous. All Is Lost reminded me, through its topic, by Bernard Moitessier‘s Vagabond of the South Seas (read years ago).

Director: J. C. Chandor

Cast: Robert Redford

I tried. I think that you will all agree that I tried: to write a few lines, to provide a few links, to make some connections…