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B. B.

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Cu privirea atintita hotarat asupra strazilor din Bucuresti vazute din satelit, cateva poze si picturi m-au aruncat pe o strada din Bacau, oras natal al unui coleg de-al meu.

In capitala am ajuns de nenumarate ori, insa la Bacau niciodata. Asta daca nu punem la socoteala (suna mai bine “luam in calcul”?) trecerea cu trenul prin.

Momentan afisez doua poze din Bucuresti, disponibile in telefon. Cand voi avea din Bacau, voi pune si de acolo.

De la Bucuresti la Bacau. B. B.


My eyes were roaming the streets of Bucharest as seen from satellite, when a bunch of photos and paintings sent me straight on a street in Bacau, the birthplace of one of my colleagues.

I’ve been many times in the main city of Romania, yet never in Bacau. And this is if we do not count one time when passing through by train.

I am displaying two recent photos from Bucharest, available in my phone’s photo gallery. I’ll display some from Bacau when I’ll have some.

From Bucharest to Bacau. B. B.


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A dialogue between FBI special agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) and deputy Tommy ‘Hawk’ Hill (Michael Horse) captured from Twin Peaks TV series, episode #3, season 1:

DC: Do you believe in soul?
TH: Several.
DC: More than one?
TH: Blackfoot legend. Waking souls that give life to the mind and the body. And dream soul that wanders.
DC: Dream souls… Where do they wander?
TH: Faraway places. The Land of the Dead.

Source: Blackfeet Nation –

The above perspective on soul(s) led me to the Blackfeet Nation. Actually, prior to this search, I tried to find out the aproximate location of the fictional town of Twin Peaks (not the real one in California – 92391), based on Cooper’s dictation to its cassette diary (Diane):

Diane, 11:30 a.m., February 24th. Entering the town of Twin Peaks. It’s five miles South of the Canadian border, twelve miles West of the state line. […] Lunch was $6.31 at the Lamplighter Inn. That’s on Highway 2 near Lewis Fork.

One of my old sketches picturing agent Cooper.

Of course, there is might be such location in one of Washington, Idaho or Montana states, yet it doesn’t have this name. According to Wikipedia, the description made by agent Cooper places it in the Salmo-Priest Wilderness. While searching the map along the border, I’ve noticed the Indian reservations, the Blackfeet among them.

The Blackfeet people have occupied the Rocky Mountain region for more than 10,000 years. In the 18th and 19th centuries, the four Blackfeet bands—the North Piegan, the South Piegan, the Blood, and the Siksika—occupied much of the northern plains and were nomadic, following the seasonal grazing and migration of buffalo. To this day, we use the land for cultural and spiritual purposes.

Source: Blackfeet Nation –

So, if I wouldn’t be as curious as I am (sometimes), I could not make the link between “blackfoot legend” mention, and the Blackfeet Nation.

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Hector and the Search for Happiness

People who are afraid of death, are afraid of life.

Listening is loving!

Hector and the Search for Happiness (2014)

DirectorPeter Chelsom


Photo credit: cinemagia

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Since I’ve decided to put an end to my In Awe Of Rock (a little bit of my rock feelings) blog, I thought I should, at least, keep the others (by others I mean my blogs) alive; as alive as before. Anyway I think this blog could have the very same problem with the rock one: the deletion of the videos from the source.

Tonight I was listening various tracks, and eventually I came across Moby. Actually I was listening to two of his tracks: Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad, and Extreme Ways. Extreme Ways sent me directly to Bourne (film series). Back then, when I saw the movie, the high toned music have drawn my attention. I had no idea that the composer was the very same one of Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad.

Usually I am delighted by the way music and movie intertwine. And Moby and Bourne are a particular happy match of this kind!

Instead of placing ephemeral video clips, I shall place a few pics of my own shot in Paris. They are a similar match of the ones found in an interesting article, The Bourne Identity film locations.

Quai de la Tournelle, Paris, France

Jardin des Tuileries, Paris, France

La Defense, Paris, France

Samaritaine, Paris, France

Pont des Arts

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The Road (2009)

There is hope!
And there are good people too!

My posts tend to be brief (I tend to be brief), but here’s what the writer Nicholas Conley writes about The Road on his blog, Nicholas Conley’s Writings, Readings and Coffee Addictions:

The rather gut-wrenching action of traversing The Road‘s pages is a perfect mirror to the depressingly futile journey that the protagonists, a boy and his father, must go on: a hopeless trek through an expired Earth, in search of a mythical coastline that may or may not be worth the trip.

From Cormac McCarthy, author of “No Country for Old Men“.


Viggo Mortensen
Robert Duvall
Guy Pearce
Charlize Theron