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A question: where are thou?

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Understand – updated

Just a thought:

Understanding people is beyond my power of understanding.


Union Square, NY – by day


… and by night…


Watching Rome, the series, I’ve noticed “Janus, one of the oldest Roman deities, a god of the beginnings, represented by gates and doorways (the Latin word ianua). He is frequently shown with two faces“. Read more on Shrine of Janus page at VROMA, A Virtual Community for Teaching and Learning Classics.

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“A te ocupa de sănătatea neamului tău când alții atentează la ea este pentru mine un act de curaj. Dați-mi voie să îmi trăiesc visul!”
~ Vali-Mioara Stoichescu ~

Se poate oare si fara FB?!
Nu pot da Like, deoarece nu am FB! (Ce sa-i faci? I’m the caveman!)
Dar pot da share si pot transmite astfel mesajul!

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Ice Skating

Ice skating at your own risk” is a warning noticed in “This Is Where I Leave You“. The subsequent scene of this warning sent me straight to “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind“… Do you know why? Just watch the following screen captures!*


Would you like to listen some music with me, now? Be my guest!

Anathema – Thin Air (Eternal Sunshine… soundtrack)

INXS – Never Tear Us Apart (This Is Where… soundtrack)

Or perhaps you would like to watch the trailers… Enjoy!

This Is Where I Leave You – trailer

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – trailer

And I woud like to mention to you a great Romanian blog: Movie Zone. In one of his posts, Benea Simion Ionut puts together similarities among The Hateful Eight and The Revenant


* The “This Is…” picture was captured from HBO GO, and the one from “Eternal Sunshine…” from a YouTube music clip, so the (c) belongs to the owners of those two movies…