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ZOOM – Fernando Pessoa

Let us sculpt in hopeless silence all our dreams of speaking.

Fernando Pessoa – The Book of Disquiet

I used to read one of Pessoa‘s book. I read it, then I read it again. Then I’ve stopped. Now, watching ZOOM, I’ve noticed the above quote. His book I used to read it is still near my bed… Now only memories are linked to it… Memories brought back to life by movies like ZOOM.

Fernando Pessoa – em flagrante delitro

This is nonsense. What I mean, and what I have here is just a book (but not any book) and just another movie (a pretty decent one), both related by a quote.

Read the book!

(c) Penguin Books

Enjoy the movie!

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Hector and the Search for Happiness

People who are afraid of death, are afraid of life.

Listening is loving!

Hector and the Search for Happiness (2014)

DirectorPeter Chelsom


Photo credit: cinemagia

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A while ago, a sad, tragic, curious case that occurred in my life kept me, somehow, away from my blogs, and from people I do not know well. People are strange, as the Doors are stating. Maybe Ronnie James Dio is right when he is singing to us (yes! he is still singing to us!) Don’t talk to strangers!


Anyway, the time has gone, the days are gone, yet I see not each and every day, but almost every day, a couple of visits on this blog. And I thought to myself that perhaps at least some of these visitors are people who already have visited my blog in the past. So if they are back here, they deserve to see something new! Well, not necessarily brand new ideas, or concepts, or design, yet a new approach to something already known.

You are not one of the above mentioned visitors? Don’t worry, I will treat you with equal respect! Even though the outside world is shaping our posts, the blog area is (not quite) a completely different world from the outside one, so here we are sharing our thoughts, ideas, opinions… Though, this blog is somehow limited. Limited by its theme and its direction: movies mainly; movies and music. And since I am scarcely writing on In Awe Of Rock (no longer available), more music will find its way to Three Years After.

Temple of Walhalla near Regensburg, Germany

Enough talking! – said a voice in my head. Oh, yes! A couple of days (or a week) ago, I was about to make a link between a TV series and a movie about the vikings, a written link in form of a blog post. And while watching one of the TV series mentioned above (yes, you figured out correctly, The Vikings), I remembered that Northmen: A Viking Saga, was ended with a powerful Amon Amarth song called Deceiver of the Gods. So I was listening to it again. Then I played Valhalla Awaits Me, with scenes from the TV series. Feel free to listen to them, then watch below the video that is linking these two productions: AMON AMARTH – Behind the scenes of “Deceiver of the Gods”!

AMON AMARTH – Deceiver of the Gods

AMON AMARTH – Valhalla Awaits Me

AMON AMARTH – Behind the scenes of “Deceiver of the Gods”

After watching the proposed “link” video, you will also realize that, behind the music flashed above, there is a description of acting, of producing and directing a film, description made by the lead singer of Amon Amarth, Johan Hegg.

I say no more! Perhaps only one more word: ENJOY!

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Perfect Sense

Without Love There Is Nothing


It’s the second time when Anathema (the band) drives me to another memorable movie. The music has the same moderate tunes, and these dramas are somehow alike.

The first Anathema song, Thin Air, made me look for the movie used for the clip. I’ve reached the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I didn’t wrote a post back then, yet more than a year later I’ve made a reference to it in the Ice Skating post. Since there was not a strong connection between those two movies, a certain image, a frame from This Is Where I Leave You was the one who sent me to the Eternal Sunshine…, make me think that the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is quite a movie.

Tonight, Anathema revealed the Perfect Sense to me through part two of The Lost Song. Besides the music that somehow (“accidentally”) bonds these two movies, the Perfect Sense made me thing again about, and go back to the Eternal Sunshine…

I’m talking nonsense… about the Perfect Sense…

This blog does not provide synopses, so this post will be not an exception. This blog is rather about synapses. It is about the spark that triggers a certain curiosity on a certain movie, and the connections between that igniting spark and the published post.

Perfect Sense

Director: David Mackenzie


Poster: © 2011 – IFC Films


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Bravetown and Wrong Side of Heaven – A Good Match

Watching Bravetown (directed by Daniel Duran), with that high BPM music perfect for dance and for those who love it, its story sent my mind straight to Wrong Side of Heaven. I see the movie Bravetown and the song of Five Finger Death Punch heavy metal band as a perfect match.