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Life Is Beautiful – La vita e bella

This is the favorite movie for some, a good movie for others, and three Academy Award winner movie for others.

For me, La vita e bella is the kind of movie depicting a strong character that brings out to light only the bright side of life, simply by expressing only the beauty of his (or her) own soul. The sad stories are kept inside for the sake of others.

Awards: 66 wins and 39 nominations!

Academy Awards (Oscars):

Director: Roberto Benigni

Starring, along with Roberto Benigni:

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All Is Lost

I tried. I think that you will all agree that I tried: to be true, to be strong, to be kind, to love, to be right. But I wasn’t. And I know you knew this, in each of your ways.

With such a starting statement of All Is Lost, one might expect a clarification, a story… But there’s only a struggle to survive in the middle of the ocean, in the middle of nowhere. The survival of an old man (not quite The Old Man and The Sea) sailing alone in the Indian Ocean, after the impact of his yacht with a container floating adrift. Probably because I was not in the right mood for this kind of movie at the time I was watching it, it appear to be a little monotonous. All Is Lost reminded me, through its topic, by Bernard Moitessier‘s Vagabond of the South Seas (read years ago).

Director: J. C. Chandor

Cast: Robert Redford

I tried. I think that you will all agree that I tried: to write a few lines, to provide a few links, to make some connections…

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The Pioneers


The above quote that draw my attention appear in a movie called “About Schmidt“, starring Jack Nicholson. It says quite a lot even nowadays, although it was meant for the pioneers of the West.

An interesting link you might consider for your future navigation on the web, or on site – at Kearney, Nebraska – is Great Platte River Road Archway. This is the history museum that displays the plate.

Described by the Miami Herald as a “splashy, brassy history museum that uses film, computer graphics, light and sound, life-size dioramas, re-enactors and classic cars to document over 150 years of transportation and communication across America.” The Archway brings the westward migration to life.